Brief Terms and Conditions of hire

The standard conditions are available to all hirers both in hard and electronic copy, and are made available for all on the Village Hall notice board. This brief version provides the user with a reminder of the key points. If you in any doubt you are strongly advised to read the full Standard Terms and Conditions of hire.

  • The Hirer must be at least 18 years old
  • All applications for hire should be addressed to the Lettings Secretary.
  • The fee is stated on the Booking Form.
  • The deposit, where required, is paid as security for damage or for failing to clean and tidy up.
  • All fees for occasional use must reach the Lettings Secretary 7 days before the period of hire
  • Arrangements for the collection and return of keys are on the Booking Form
  • The Hirer uses the premises for the purpose stated on the Booking Form
  • The Hirer shall not sub-let the property
  • The Hirer shall be liable for any damage done to the property or its contents
  • The Hirer must ensure they obtain any licences required for their event
  • Where a Hirer provides activities for children under 8 years of age only fit and proper persons
    have access to the children, and that appropriate DBS checks have been carried out
  • A maximum of 200 people, including staff and helpers, may use the Hall at any time, although the
    permitted number may be considerably less for certain activities – check with the Lettings
    Secretary. Also from 2020 onwards.
  • Property brought into or stored in the Hall is at the owner’s risk
  • All fire precautions must be strictly followed. Fire exits must be kept clear, fire exit signs lit, no
    smoking or fireworks in the building, no gas bottles or naked flames, decorations to kept away
    from the heaters
  • The Fire Service must be called to any fire, however slight, and the Chairman of the Hall informed.
  • Accidents and dangerous occurrences must be reported in the books behind the bar.
  • The Hirer must observe all food health and hygiene regulations when preparing or serving food
    and drink
  • No animals (or birds) except guide dogs may be brought on to the premises
  • Gas heaters knobs must be turned on gradually according to the instructions provided and turned
    back to “N” before vacating the Hall
  • When leaving the Hall the Hirer should read and follow the checklist posted on the noticeboard
    and behind the bar.
  • The Hall must be left clean and tidy, locked and secured.