Modernisation Bulletin – July 2021

MODERNISATION BULLETIN July 2021 – What’s happened so far?

We made some improvements during the lockdown period: –

  • We fixed the flat roofs, so they no longer leak!
  • The whole Village Hall has been repainted inside. It now looks fresher and brighter.
  • An electric hot water system now feeds all the basins in our toilets.

That sounds good, but didn’t you also send out a questionnaire?

Yes we did, to everyone in Wickham Market, Pettistree and Loudham, and in general you want: –

  • A modern, efficient, Village Hall that where possible uses renewable technologies.
  • Excellent soundproofing between the Main Hall and the Committee Room.
  • More storage, both for Hall furniture, and for use by regular clubs.
  • A more relaxing, accessible, and better equipped bar area.
  • A bright, warm, and welcoming entrance with much better disabled access.
  • A new pitched roof over the whole Hall if possible.
  • The pebbledash rendering outside stripped off and replace with modern cladding.
  • The car park to be given designated bays for Village Hall use, and a bike/buggy shed.

What are the next steps?

  • Currently we are considering making some internal changes to make better use of the space we already have in the Village Hall.
  • First we need a structural survey. We are now asking three engineers for estimates before we engage the best one.

How much is the Modernisation all going to cost?

  • Not sure, but likely to amount to several hundred thousand pounds.
  • Fortunately we already have just over £96,000 in our reserves. That’ll help, but….
  • We will have to apply for grants but also need to gather more funds ourselves. So we are starting up an Events Team to plan a programme of regular events in the Village.
  • If you would like to join this Team please contact: 

Pete Holden
Modernisation Steering Group (01728) 747229

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