What’s happening about the refurbishment, then?….

Well, to start with we have formed a small group of enthusiasts to help decide what we need to do to bring the Hall up to scratch. This is where you come in, as we shall be asking questions not only of our regular users but also anyone in the area who wants to be heard. We will want to know how you want the Village Hall to be upgraded.

There are some things that just about all of us want, for example, modern kitchens and toilets, better heating and lighting, a welcoming front hall, and so on. But what about the not so obvious? Are there other improvements that we should consider?

We shall now put together a questionnaire for you to complete. There will be more details about this – how to get hold of it, return it, and so on – shortly. Of course you do not have to wait for it. You could simply write to us at wmvillagehall@gmail.com and express your views directly.

Go on, you have nothing to lose, and a much better Village Hall to gain!

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